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Point Clouds in CAD and Revit Models: Scan data can play an important if not vital role in the accuracy of creating as-built models. Kohera3D's Scan-To-Plan laser scanning and modeling solutions are designed to not only increase the accuracy in modeling, but to make the CAD modeler/designer's job easier and highly productive. Point clouds are necessary for as-built accuracy, but they are not always easy to work with. Kohera3D's point cloud isolation along with a tight point cloud registration can take away much of the headache and frustrations that come with modeling inside your scan data. We often refer to a point cloud as "the blob". Quite honestly it feels like one too. But once the data is isolated into groups that can be turned off from view, designers can focus only on what one needs to model, such as the walls in a building, or to follow and model a pipe run. Isolation removes the challenges of working inside the "blob", and the scan data (or point cloud) becomes easier to work with and easier to manage.