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Scan-To-Plan™ Services

Point Cloud Isolation

Point Cloud Isolation

Isolation of pointcloud data provides improved visualization of items captured by the scanner. Isolation is taking systems and components in the pointcloud and assigning them to individual groups or layers. Layers can be turned on/off providing clarity and focus to systems of interest. These can be provided to the designer for a clutter free approach to modeling.
View project examples of point cloud isolation
Marine Industry Laser Scanning

Marine Industry Scanning

Use 3D laser scan data to visualize shipboard piping systems and as-built information. Create docking plans, surface models, and hulls curves for stability analysis and more.
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Scanning for CAD and Revit

CAD Design and Revit

Use scan data to create CAD models, floor plans, and elevations. Isolated scan data allows designers to view items more easily by selectively hiding items in the point cloud.
Laser scanning for CAD and REVIT Architecture
3D mesh models from laser scan data

Point Cloud Meshing

3D mesh models created from laser scan data. Mesh models of existing equipment are used to represent as-builts, tie-in to new design work, and to manage facility space and equipment.
Examples of meshing laser scan data